Moving Checklist

What to do before moving in

View our helpful hints below or download our moving in checklist.

Moving Checklist

Helpful hints on things to do before moving in


Make sure you have the property you purchased insured as soon as possible after paying the deposit. Some insurance companies issue policies over the phone but require payment within 21 days. Seek advice from your Solicitor if you have any queries.

Furniture Removal

There are a number of furniture removers in Victoria, most of which are listed in the Yellow pages. Those who are members of the Victoria Removers Association
1800 671 806 or are governed by a code of conduct.

Furniture is not generally covered by your normal insurance during the removal. Some removers will organise insurance for you, or have their own insurance.


Generally, power/gas can be connected with 2 days of application, however, where possible, please allow at least 3 days notice. If you are moving into a newly built home, more notice is required.

Connections can be made on the customer service hotline, which operates 24 hours. A standard connection fee is $35-$39 for electricity and $10 for gas. (Note these are only estimates and may vary please check with your provider for exact costs)

Red: 131 806
TRU: 133 466
Origin: 132 463


Telstra requires 24 hours notice when connecting existing phone lines. The standard connection fee is $59.00. An additional charge of $299.00 is payable for new lines where there has never been a connection. It is recommended that at least seven days notice be given for new line connections.

New connections can be organised over the phone. Telstra will ask a series of questions which may take 10 minutes, including which long distance carrier you want to use. (Note these are only estimates and may vary please check with your provider for exact costs)

Telstra: 132 200
Optus: 133 345

South East Water / Yarra Valley Water

48 hours must be given to water utilities to organise a meter reading and issue an account to the outgoing owners. Failure to do so could result in you being liable for water used by someone else.

South East Water:

131 694 Customer Service
132 812 Faults / Emergencies

Yarra Valley Water:

131 721 Customer Service
132 762 Faults / Emergencies

Electoral Rolls

Complete electoral forms for state and federal elections and send them to the Australian Electoral Commission. Forms are pre-paid; addressed envelopes are available from any Australia Post outlet.

Only land and property owners are eligible to vote in council elections. They are automatically enrolled to vote.


Mail re-direction forms are available from any Post Office. You can redirect mail for a maximum period of one year. The costs are as follows:
Personal Business
1 month $13.00 $ 42.00
3 months $25.00 $113.50
6 months $36.00 $214.50
12 months $66.50 $400.00
(Prices subject to change without notice – please check with Australia Post)

Drivers Licence & Vehicle Registration

Driver’s license and motor vehicle registration can be changed with one phone call. Have your registration and driver’s licence numbers ready to quote.

Vic Roads: 131171

Pet Registration

Contact your local council to inform them of the change. The RSPCA also has a “Tail Wagger” disk which records your pet’s details on a computer database. The cost is $25.00 for Dogs and $11.00 for cats for life membership. Phone 9224 2222.

* Please note: This information is provided as a courtesy, please be advised that changes to this information can occur from time to time, If you do notice a change to this information please contact our office by emailing or Call us on (03) 9707 3322